Does skipping cleanings prolong the life of cashmere garments? For many years, people have been asking themselves this important question without getting a satisfactory answer. In the past, some experts have also argued on the truth of this statement without reaching a convincing solution.

First, by skipping cleanings the cashmere garments, you will always attract moths and this can be dangerous by creating holes on them. This can lead to trouble since your cashmere garments will ultimately have huge holes . Perhaps this is the main reason why you should wash your cashmere garments as opposed to the myths that often prevent people from washing.

Not washing the cashmere garments can also absorb sweat that ultimately can make them smell. Imagine walking around with smelling cashmere garments! This can be a huge embarrassment for not only yourself but also the people who always hang around. At the end of the day when washing these cashmere garments, you will use that can make them tear up in the process of washing. This definitely reduces the life of your cashmere garments hence it is a fallacy not to wash them after wearing.

When you do not wash your cashmere garments, they will accumulate more dirt and this may need more energy to wash. This definitely increases the chances of them wearing out as opposed to the myth that many people often have heard before. For sure, you need to wash your cashmere garments as regular as opposed if you want to maintain their durability.

However, you have to remember that hand washing is the best option when washing. This is because using a machine can sometimes reduce the durability of the cashmere clothes. This means that you must always use the durability of the cashmere garments when using them.

Wearing these cashmere garments without washing can also make the clothes to shrink due to accumulated dirt. This means that when you will be washing them, you will have to use very strong acidic detergents that can make them to expend at the same time increasing their elasticity. This increased elasticity will always reduce the life span of your cashmere garments that this is better than just washing them regularly.

In conclusion, it is NOT TRUE that skipping cleanings prolong the life of cashmere garments. This means that you must always try your best to ensure that you wash cashmere garments before wearing especially if you want to increase their durability.

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